Rebecca radiates charm and magic, endearing her to those she works and plays with. Energetic,  versatile and dedicated, she has traveled the country performing and producing numerous productions; appearing in such shows as:  Nunsense,  Lilies of the Fields,  Annie Get Your Gun,  She Loves Me,  and the Pulitzer prize-winning play Proof. Theatre is not Rebecca’s only venue of performance however. You may also recognize her from her television and film appearances.

Originally from small-town upstate New York,  Rebecca left a successful career as a psychotherapist in Denver to pursue her dream as an actress.  Always open to new possibilities,  Rebecca says “yes” to life and treats it like an adventure. And what an adventure her life in the arts has turned out to be! 


It’s led her in directions she could never have imagined; from living on both coasts, to writing two award-winning screenplays, “Deserted” and "Nothing to Lose," to performing stand-up comedy at The Improv in LA, to composing, preforming and mixing original songs like, IN THE DARK (now available for download), to writing her on going commentary on the world at her blog: Red's World.

Also a producer,  Rebecca was a producer on the LA production of the much-acclaimed rock-drama,  – in which she also acted.  Additionally,  she produced and starred in the California and New York productions of  Red, Hot & Sassy,  her Show,  Beside MYself,  and the ensemble series, Rebecca’s Special Variety Show Extravaganza.

Tough,  sexy and fun-loving,  Rebecca believes that anything is possible,  that one should look life straight in the eye,  and live it fully. Her motto: “Regret what you do – not what you don’t.”



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