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Rebecca fell in love with writing, and the art of telling a story in 2003 and has been authoring projects ever since. An actress by trade, who also works as a costumer in film and television, she has a vast understanding of the world of entertainment.



Red’s World: life without limits 

With a writing style that captures her unique look at the world and edgy sense of humor, Rebecca shares her insights through her commentary on the world, dating, theatre, politics, and other life issues.



Inappropriately Yours (2012)

Desiree breaks the rules, even her own. . .

An edgy, contemporary women's fiction, Inappropriately Yours,is a is an uncensored, first person account of the life of a woman with a unique view of love, sex, dating, and relationships.

As a single New Yorker, Desiree knows what she wants and goes after it despite what anyone may think. Her years of experience have given her a carefully thought-out code of rules, which she faithfully follows––allowing her to keep a score of lovers, including erotic relationships with married men, while still keeping her heart and all her secrets safe. Independent, spontaneous, and unaffected by society's mores, Desiree is a successful screenwriter, in charge of her life and living the lifestyle she always imagined. But when she meets Conner, the man she never thought she'd find, Desiree's life and hard won freedom crumble as she breaks all her rules for him. Faced with both losing herself and her precious guidelines for living, Desiree searches for answers that will bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap between what her life was and what it has become—taking an inner journey through her experiences and the relationships that brought her to this wondrous and horrible crossroads.

Finally, the Other Woman gets to tell her side of the story. Maybe you're not so different from the Other Woman as you once thought you were.



Nothing To Lose (2009)

In this feature length screenplay, Robin Wilson is a married psychotherapist with two stepchildren she loves dearly. When her husband announces one day that he is in love with another woman, Robin's life goes into a tailspin. Faced with the truth about her marriage, instead of feeling sorry for herself Robin decides to re-invent herself and moves to New York City to be an actress. Robin struggles to create a new life for herself far from the comfort of her previous suburban existence. Nothing To Lose proves that it is never too late to go after your dreams.

Golden Brad Awards:  One of the Top Dramatic Screenplays (2010)

The Indie Gathering Film Festival: Hon. Feature Drama (2011)


Deserted (2005)

This short screenplay merges the romance of the movie Serendipity with the eerie, unearthly quality of The Twilight Zone. When a chance meeting brings Janet and Todd together, their unexplained chemistry initiates a chain of events that change their lives forever. Or does it? 

The Indie Gathering Film Festival: Second Prize: Sci-fi Short (2006)


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